Itchier Feet::

Hudad is a lodge sitting atop a high plateau (more than 3,300m altitude) and overlooking the historic religious town of Lalibela, Ethiopia.  The lodge sits on its own plateau that commands 360 degree views of the valleys and mountains surrounding it.  On the trek up you will pass many small villages and meet many local people.

Hudad is an ecolodge managed by local residents, and its eco credentials are pretty good too.  There are no roads up to Hudad, so everyone must hike or ride a mule up to the plateau (about 2-3 hours direct), employing mule drivers and guides.  There is no electricity or running water, so everything has been designed around this (there are gravity showers, pit toilets and campfires).  The lodgings – tukuls – are also made in the local style.

The kitchen is the meeting place and home to all of the very friendly staff.


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